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Perfect Aloe Matrix (3 tubs 60 capsules )
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Perfect Aloe Matrix (3 tubs 60 capsules )

Price per Unit (tub): £90.00
Number tubs in packaging:3
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Perfect Aloe Matrix   ™   ( P.A.M )
After years of study and development sees the launch of Perfect Aloe Matrix tm  (PAM). This revolutionary herbal dietary supplement has been specially
formulated by Dr Ivan Danhof*, known as ‘the Father of Aloe’ – and is now believed to be the finest and most effective Aloe Vera Product currently
available any where in the world.
The aloe vera plant has long been hailed as one of nature’s gifts to the planet, even referred to as the ‘herb of immortality’. The aloe plant has been
linked to assisting many adverse health conditions over the years going back to the Egyptians .
The better the quality of the Aloe the better the results an individual benefits from and Dr Ivan Danhof has been at the leading edge of Aloe technology
for over 30 years so this is a very exciting new product. There are endless studies and testimonials world wide on Aloe Vera and with this in mind, it’s
easy to see why we have relied on its healing properties throughout the centuries.
Although many products contain aloe vera, it is often used sparingly and therefore the quantities are not used in a proportion high enough for the plants
healing properties to be truly beneficial. PAM is an exclusive new formula which allows processing of the Aloe Vera plant to take place without loosing
any of the plant’s natural curative properties. In fact, the aloe leaves are hand-filleted by the traditional, old-fashioned labour-intensive method to ensure
the highest possible concentrations of desirable properties are captured. Just 1 capsule is equivalent to 120 mls of high grade quality aloe juice. 1
capsule is the amount recommended for daily maintenance but for more severe conditions 2 – 4 capsules daily may be required. Its positive effects are
often noticed almost instantly and the capsules boast impressive, long-lasting results due to their expert development and the chosen geographical
location that the aloe vera plants are sourced from (North East Mexico). It is even family and pet friendly so that all your loved ones can benefit from
healthier skin and well-being.
Dr. Ivan E. Danhof
Often quoted as the "Father of Aloe", Ivan E. Danhof, Ph.D., M.D. is the world's leading expert on Aloe Vera and natural herbal remedies with over 30
years of laboratory research and extensive practical experience. Dr. Danhof's work is frequently referenced in research literature and marketing
materials; the product formulations presented here are licensed directly from his laboratory for the first time. He has published more than 80 research
papers and served as a consultant to several pharmaceutical research institutes. He acted as a consultant to the Food and Drug Administration,
serving on review panels and committees dealing primarily with the approval of gastrointestinal drugs.As a result of his unique training and background
Dr. Danhof has become recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on medically active herbal molecules, and in particular the functional
components in Aloe Vera. Dr. Danhof is a highly sought speaker on the discovery of the unique molecules in Aloe Vera that earned it the global
reputation of the potted physician.
* Studies carried out by the North Texas Research laboratory support the results obtained by the advanced total Process technology, which allow
guaranteed quality products.
* Vegetarian , Halal , Kosher and meets all organic requirements.
Certified Organic to the Farm Verified Organic Program Certified Organic to the USDA National Organic Program
International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval CCIM Seal of Halal Certified
JAS Organic Certified ( Japan) Calidad Kosher, Kosher Pareve Certified

Last Updated: Saturday, 24 February 2018 10:01

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